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WHO MADE THIS MESS, is coming in SEPTEMBER, just in time for Christmas gifts! This picture book for kids ages 3-7 is sure to delight the child and the reader, as they learn who made the mess. Problem-solving and negotiation skills, to the rescue, as they must solve the problem. Adorable and humorous illustrations bring this book to life. Sign-up to be the first to know when this book is ready for order!

In process, is the true story of A.C. Johnson, descendent of slaves, son of sharecroppers, who was raised  in Mississippi during the Jim Crow era. His joys and disappointments culminate in a march for freedom with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in DON’T CALL ME BOY; a Black Man’s Quest for Freedom, available in 2023

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About the Author

My Writing Journey

Welcome! I’m so glad you dropped in.

I have spent over 40 years of my life writing for newspapers, magazines, religious and parenting materials, curriculum and newsletters. I started before the days of computers, when “cut and paste” was accomplished with scissors and glue.

I was raised in the Assemblies of God denomination (Pentecostal), but we spent several years worshiping in the Mennonite church. While there, my children’s book, Benjamin’s Coin Purse was published by Rod & Staff Publishers, Crocket KY, in 2001. It was printed first in English and then in Spanish. This book made me a “real” author. 

But as my children grew, and with multiple moves, writing fell to the back of a very dusty shelf. We eventually made our way back to my home state of Missouri, where  our eighth child was born. 

After baby eight arrived, I went through an unexpected divorce. Through the devastation, I had to find a way to keep us fed and clothed. Providentially, an acquaintance offered to “give” me an online newsletter she created.  I turned the newsletter into the Missouri Autism  Report (MAR) Magazine, which I wrote, edited and published  for seven years. And then . . .

I took a deeeeep breath, and a loooong break . . .

and begin again. 

I am now writing books for children and have plans to write for adults, as well. I desire to use my pen,  to speak love into the hearts of children and adults, alike.  I pray that even my “just for fun” books, will bring joy and peace to the reader.

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We love each other because God loves us!