Books by Dayna Ault

Who Made This Mess?

Coming September 2022!


Who keeps making these messes? Mom wants to know who the culprit is. When she finds out, she decides on a solution, but the kids are desperate to change her mind. The family must find an answer, by using their  negotiating and problem-solving skills. For children ages 3-7.

In the message behind the mess, Author, Dayna Ault, mother of eight, shares nuggets of wisdom, from the Bible, for harried parents.

Available September, 2022, in time for Christmas Gift-Giving. Sign-up for updates below.


Don't Call Me Boy; a Black Man's Quest for Freedom

Coming in 2023

The 1950s was a time of great turmoil in the United States. While for many it was a time of memories and nostalgia, it was something very different for a black child living in Mississippi. 

The true story of AC Johnson is told in his own words in DON’T CALL ME BOY; A BLACK MAN’S QUEST FOR FREEDOM. This story for middle grade readers, journeys through history as AC picks cotton, remembers butchering day, walks four miles to school, and wonders, “Where is my daddy?”  

Find out how a day of fun turns into a struggle for survival.  Learn what was it like to be “colored,”  and why  he and many  like him, had a struggle learning to read and write. 

Read how a sharecropper’s son, meets the great Martin Luther King, Jr., in a struggle for freedom. You won’t want to miss this riveting true story of struggle, survival and joy, as AC shares his spiritual journey from childhood, and how he came to put his faith in God.

Laugh, cry, and learn from first-hand history, in DON’T CALL ME BOY; A BLACK MAN’S QUEST FOR FREEDOM.